Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

God bless our Military- those who served & are still serving.

We went to Springfield to pick up a couple things for a project & since it was lunch time took Applebee's up on their free lunch for Veterans. I was so touched when I saw the table they had placed with the empty chair- the place setting, the candle, the glass... the table set to represent a place for those who have served before us- for those who gave all or are currently deployed right now-

If you have served- you know this table well. For when you see it- you see the faces of those who will never be able to share a table with you again on this earth & also those you are missing because they are still on a mission elsewhere.

I'm not always a fan of going to Applebee's but they do a tremendous job of showing our Veterans they are valued. Applebee's contributes to the communities for which they are a part & I salute them for their support for our Military.

They also support our schools and our Scouts- I support a business who supports their community and the values that America was founded on.

They also gave us a couple pictures that they had children color for today

Thank you to all who serve.

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