Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wine Gift card/tags

want something different when giving a bottle of wine- make a card/tag

the stamp set I used for the cornucopia & pumpkins is no longer available, but the leaves are from Thankful Heart (B1463). I stamped them in black and then colored them using the ShinHan Touch Twin markers. It takes a bit to get the hang of blending, but once you do it looks great. I had to get creative with the bread in the cornucopia as I didn't want it as dark as the basket- so I used a skin tone to get the blending (Barely Beige) and made tick marks across the surface to get the look of a crust (Clay) then blended it over again with the Barely Beige. The leaves I used Pastel Green, Leaf Green, Light Orange & Marigold. The pumpkins were Light Orange & Marigold. Always work on one part at a time as if you let it dry, you won't be able to blend it as well. Color the entire image with the lightest color, then edge & highlight with the darker and finally go back over it with the light color to blend it all. Always use a bleeder paper underneath. That scrap paper actually helps pull the color thru and allows you to blend better.

I made the base of the card using a rectangle & circle in Cricut Craft Room to make it 3.25" x 9.5". I scored for the fold at 7" from the bottom. Then I stamped, layered, etc. I punched a small hole in the top of the card next to the circle for putting over the bottle and attached a small tag that says To: From: on the inside.

Here are some other tags I made with the same idea

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